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"ARX is like a magical dumbbell that can change its weight every second to accomodate your abilities. Humans can lower (Eccentric phase) a lot more weight than we can lift (Concentric phase), so using technology to maximize your workout and save time, is truly a nobrainer" - Chirah Fitness Client

Adaptive Resistance Exercise with ARX technology provides you with the most effective workout in as little as 30-minutes twice a week. ARX technology combines computer-controlled, motorized resistance that is capable of matching the force of ANY user 100% of the time. With perfect resistance, ARX shortens the time you need to exercise while dramatically increasing the safety and effectiveness of all of your workouts.

The ARX machine moves at a constant velocity that can be present to perform any resistance training exercise. Movement and range of motion is preprogrammed to your specific settings to ensure maximum efficiency with minimum risk. The computer also tracks and saves all of your performance information. All of your data can be compared to past data and progress is tracked down to the most minor improvements.

Additional Fitness Equipment at Chirah Fitness

TRX is perfect for all fitness levels and all fitness goals. This suspension training band system trains your upper body, lower body and the dreaded core! TRX bands will burn fat, tighten and tone while improving your overall movement in life and sport.

Battle Ropes (or conditioning ropes) are a must-have tool for anyone looking to pack on lean mass. Working each arm independently, the possibility of imbalanced strength is eliminated, further conditioning and sculpting your muscles. We believe it is important to incorporate ropes into your session in order to provide the element of exciting cardio while building lean muscle.

Plus... Dumbbells, Bosu Balls, Strength Bands, Cardio ... And More!!

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ARX Technology

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In the modern age, your ability to track your progress is vital to maintaining your routine. One of the reasons people give up on their exercise routine is either because the routine is not challenging enough to see results or it is too challenging to obtain one. Using weights as a means of resistance is not the most effective, as weights fail to accommodate your changing levels of strength.

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